Oru Virginian Veyilkkalam

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Experience the beauty of Malayalam literature with ORU VIRGINIAN VEYILKKALAM, a captivating collection of poems by renowned author Ezhacherry Ramachandran. Published by Sahithya Pravarthaka cooperative society Ltd. Kottayam in December 2018, this book is a must-have for poetry lovers.

The book boasts a compact size, with dimensions of 21.3 cm in length, 14.5 cm in breadth, and 1.3 cm in width. It weighs 294 g, making it easy to carry and read on the go. With 160 pages filled with thought-provoking verses, this book is sure to keep you engaged and inspired.

Ezhacherry Ramachandran`s writing style is known for its depth and emotion, and ORU VIRGINIAN VEYILKKALAM is no exception. The poems in this collection cover a wide range of topics, from love and loss to nature and spirituality. Each page is a journey through the author`s mind, leaving a lasting impact on the reader.

Don`t miss out on this innovative and thought-provoking collection of poems. Get your copy of ORU VIRGINIAN VEYILKKALAM today and immerse yourself in the beauty of Malayalam literature.

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