Krishna Kavithakal

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Experience the beauty and depth of Malayalam literature with Krishna Kavithakal, a collection of poems written by renowned author Sugathakumari. Published by D. C. Books Kottayam in October 1996, this book is a must-have for any poetry lover.

The poems in this collection are a reflection of the author`s profound understanding of life and spirituality. With each verse, Sugathakumari takes the reader on a journey through the complexities of human emotions and the essence of divinity.

The book measures 20.8 cm in length, 14.5 cm in breadth, and 0.6 cm in width, making it compact and easy to carry. It weighs 122 g and has a total of 107 pages, all written in the beautiful language of Malayalam.

Immerse yourself in the lyrical and thought-provoking verses of Krishna Kavithakal and add this timeless piece of literature to your collection. Order now and experience the magic of Malayalam poetry.

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