Chenkolum Maravuriyum

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Experience the magic of N. Krishna Pillai's masterpiece with CHENKOLUM MARAVURIYUM. This play, published by Sahithya Pravarthaka Cooperative Society in 1976, is a must-read for all Malayalam literature enthusiasts.

The dimensions of this book are carefully crafted to provide a comfortable reading experience. With a length of 20.8 cm, breadth of 13.8 cm, and a slim width of 0.5 cm, it is lightweight at just 62 g. Perfect for carrying around and reading on the go.

CHENKOLUM MARAVURIYUM consists of 64 pages, each filled with the beautiful language of Malayalam. Immerse yourself in the captivating story and let the words transport you to a different world.

Don't miss out on this innovative and thought-provoking play. Get your copy of CHENKOLUM MARAVURIYUM today and add it to your collection of literary gems.

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