EW Sells |CHARITY STORE BEYOND| is India’s First Online Charity Store. An initiative by Expectation Walkers . EW Sells attempts to support self-employed persons to become self-sufficient enough. The products sold at EW Sells, from crafty dream catchers to delicious cakes or succulent plants made organically are all made at the homes of our sellers. With the motto “For a Hope of Future by Supporting the Needy”, EW Sells functions with the main aim of uniting people to contribute to society.

On thorough research about the present socio-economic conditions of self-employed craftsmen or producers of any homemade goods, the negligence is highly prevalent. Most self-employed producers who produce exceptional and safe homemade goods do not get the compensation they deserve. This is the real reason behind the poverty and lack of self-sufficiency of such individual producers. The existing commercial market which is influenced by Multinational Corporate Giants has put small-scale, individual products on the side lines.

While goods like the Kancheepuram sarees have received worldwide attention, the producers are dwindling due to poverty. People tend to not follow in the steps of their ancestors as the scope of making money is low. 

EW Sells promotes these individual producers and brings them forward. The amount derived after selling completely goes to the sellers and the a % profit goes to charity. This way, everyone from the buyers to the sellers becomes a part of the process of being a philanthropist. Furthermore, sellers even of the age of 14 get a platform to develop their skills. 

Two major driving forces of this instalment are the Swadeshi Movement and Women Empowerment. The products are made in the homes of India and by assuring quality, the sellers and buyers promote the sale of swadeshi products. This further strengthens the self-sufficiency of producers in India. Similarly, India only has about a 25% ratio of working women. By providing a platform where homemakers, especially mothers can sell their talents, they get encouraged. 

Presently direct market involvement of the producers is only possible via multi-level marketing businesses like other ecommerce platforms in India . EW Sells attempts to change this and bring the businesses of the individual producer into the platform for them specifically, without the influence of commercialism. Employing the youth of India, EW Sells provides an avenue for people to earn a monthly income by selling their homemade goods. The profit which goes to charity further brings good to the society.